Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look Mom.....I can feed myself!

Today for lunch I was going to give Mckenna some butternut squash to eat. She normally doesn't like eating jarred baby food, but I was trying to get her to eat what we had in our pantry. Well after about 2 bites from me feeding her, she decided that I wasn't doing a good enough job. So she took the spoon and the jar from me and when to town! She loved feeding herself. She actually ate most of it too. I thought she was just going to play with it. She made a fun little mess and had fun doing it!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My baby girl is ONE!!

Yesterday was Mckenna's 1st birthday. We had a fun little party for her. She had a good time. She loved eating her cake. She was a little shy at first but dug right in after she tasted that delicious pink frosting. (her cousins helped her eat her cake too. You'll see Caleb in some of the video eating her cake right next to her. It was funny!)

Thanks to all who came to her party. She got a lot of cute clothes and toys. Chris and I gave her a baby set that had a stroller, car seat, and bassinet. She LOVES it. She loves taking her baby on walks in the stroller. It amazes me how naturally it comes to her to love and care for a baby. She will carry the car seat around and rock her baby too. It is so cute.

It's a very bittersweet thing for your baby girl to turn one. I just am having a hard time actually believing that Mckenna is already one. It just seems like yesterday I was holding her in my arms in the hospital. Time sure does fly by. Now I understand the old cliche that kids grow up too fast. It is definitely true. We love our baby girl and although she is one now, she is still her mommy and daddy's baby girl!

Enjoy the video of her birthday!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mckenna's Birthday Party

Mckenna is turning 1 this Thursday, September 18th! If you want to make it to her birthday party, you are welcome to come. It is at the Pine Valley Townhome Clubhouse at 6pm. It's hard to believe she is already 1! Hope to see you there!!