Friday, February 6, 2009

Cute pictures of our little girl...

I took some really cute pictures of Mckenna today. I thought they were cute enough to share, so enjoy!! =D She loves, loves, loves, LOVES phones!! We have tried play ones, but she is smart enough to know the difference most of the time.

I love the one of her in front of the window. She was posing for me in front of the camera. It was so cute!

Okay...let me explain the following pictures. Mckenna discovered a while ago that she could fit into our side cubbards in our kitchen. They have lazy susans in them. We had to pull all of the food and other cooking items that were once in them out because daily I was having to pick up everything. Well the other night Chris and I were watchign tv and Mckenna was playing on the floor. After a couple of minutes, we realized that she had wandered into the kitchen. We heard a wimpering noise. Chris ran into the kitchen and found Mckenna like this.... She managed to climb onto the top shelf of the lazy susan and she couldn't get down. It was hilarious!! She is one funny child. Another funny thing about these cubbards is that she will go in them on her own and shut the door. For some reason, she likes being inside them, by herself, in the dark. It is so funny. So whenever we can't find her, we end up looking in our cubbards and usually can find her there!! =D

She wasn't too happy about not being able to get down off the shelf by herself!

Silly child! Oh and like the hair....right in her eyes like most days!! It's getting really long and she doesn't always like hairties or clippies in it. Oh well...she is still cute and we love her!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

School, School, and more School!!!

Well it has been a long time since I posted. Let me list the main reasons..... school, school, and more school!! School is very busy and takes a lot of my free time. But I'm finally on the downhill slope and can almost see the finish line. This is my last full semester before student teaching in the fall. I am SOOOO excited to finally be almost done! It has been a fun ride and I am enjoying the time I get to spend with my many friends I have made in my cohort! They are truely becoming life-long friends and it will be sad when the day comes when we have to say goodbye.

Other than school, Chris stays very busy with work. He is assistant manager now. And I stay busy with Mckenna. She is now 16 months old. She has so much energy I don't know how to keep up with her sometimes. She definately has her own little personality. She has started throwing the bigget tantrums and fits. It is actually at times funny to watch. I know that is sad and mean to say but there is some truth to it. When she throws tantrums she throws things that are in her path and throws her head around so hard. She actually slams it into the tile floor a few times. It is sad. She gets so out of control. All Chris and I can do is stand back and watch. I am hopeing this is just a phase that she will out grow. Hopefully that turns out to be the case. I don't want her to knock herself out by hitting her head on the tile or anything. Oh will be kids I suppose!!!