Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Don't you just love our cute little cow?? Mckenna loves her costume this year. She is really cute when she puts it on. We are excited for this Halloween because she is old enough to sort of enjoy what she is doing! (whether she understands why her mommy is putting a silly costume on her is another story!! =D) It's fun for mom and dad nonetheless! Chris is especially excited about trick-or-treating this year....yummy candy and Mckenna is still too little to eat most of it! He loves that part of Halloween!! ;D

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween Week!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Corn Maze

Now that I have a minute to myself, I can catch up on what has been going on with our family. My whole family came down to visit the first weekend in October. They came for a triple-birthday party for Mckenna, Chris, and Jacob. They also came since it was Conference Weekend. We had so much fun together. It was the first time we had all been together since dad's funeral. It was nice to be together again. One of the evenings they were down, we all went to the corn maze. It was fun spending quality time together. I know for me, it was much needed quality time together!

Mckenna had a fun time thinking she could do the maze all by herself! What an independent little girl!! Oh, and we didn't even plan her wearing overalls. But, she looked cute and fit right in!!

Mckenna had a great time with her cousin, Addison, too!! They don't get to see each other and play together very often, so it was really cute watching them together this weekend. They would constantly give each other hugs and kisses. It was so sweet!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mckenna Missing Grandma Debbie

Okay so this is one of the funniest things Mckenna has done so far. The other day we were watching some home videos on our TV. There was one part on the video in particular where Mckenna was playing with her Grandma Debbie (Chris' mom). They were playing with a ball and Mckenna was laughing so cute. I had Chris film it so we could "capture the moment!"

Well while we were watching it, Mckenna saw her grandma on the TV. (Well...if any of you know about Grandma Debbie and the way she is with her grandkids, you will know that her grandkids are VERY much attatched to her and always want her.) Well, when Mckenna saw her on the video she ran right up to the TV and started reaching for her and then she started to cry. It was so cute and funny and a little sad too. She wanted her grandma so bad!! She was literaly distraught the rest of the night because she could see her grandma, but she couldn't reach her
As hard as she tried, she couldn't figure out where grandma was. Even after we turned the video off, she was still crying and reaching for the TV. I'm sure it was confusing to her that she could see her but she couldn't find her to give her a hug

After about ten minutes or so of crying for her grandma, we gave her a bottle and she finally fell asleep. She was so worn out from wanting her grandma. It was pretty cute and funny! She just missed her Grandma Debbie!