Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mckenna LOVES snow!!

It has been so cold lately and it finally snowed! I have been waiting for it to actually storm and have the snow stick so that we (mainly Mckenna) could go play in it. Today we woke up to 3-4 inches of beautiful white snow! I love it!! Mckenna loved it too. She really liked eating it. I kept trying to get her to eat the clean, white snow but as kids will be kids I'm sure she had her fill of dirty snow today!! Oh well!!!

While we were out, Mckenna helped me build a snowman (just her size of course!!). She loved it. She was giving it hugs and kisses too. It was so cute. It was funny because I couuldn't find any sticks to make the arms with so I went inside and got 2 plastic spoons and then put some of Mckenna's extra gloves on the spoons for hands. Well, smart little Mckenna knew that there was spoons under the gloves and took the gloves off, picked out the spoons, and then started eating the snowman with the spoon. It was seriously so funny. She makes me laugh!! I love her so much. She makes life so much better!!! =D

We picked up new boots for Mckenna today too. She didn't really have anything to play in the snow in so the closest I could find was some really cute pink with white polka dot rain boots. They were too cute to pass up and they kept her feet dry and warm so it was worth it!! All and all it was a fun, cold, snow filled day!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Leaves & Christmas Projects!

We have been busy and with that comes fun family holiday memories and fun Christmas projects!
Lets start with the fun memories.... Mckenna & Leaves!!

This weekend was really cold. Last night the leaves finally fell off of our tree in the front yard. Chris piled up the leaves for Mckenna to play in. It was sure cute watching her reaction to all the leaves. She was so cute all bundled up too. We're happy it is finally getting chilly here!

Next...Christmas Projects!
1st - Christmas Pajamas...
This year my sister-in-law and my mother-in-law had the great idea of making matching Christmas pajamas for all the grandkids. I made Mckenna's pair of pj's. They turned out absolutely adorable! The bottoms are made with the cutest christmas fabric of little green frogs with santa hats! We put a frog on their shirts too! They turned out really cute!

2nd - Nativity Blocks...

So, my sister-in-law (yes the same one with the great idea of making the pajamas!! =D) Missy, found this idea on the internet. We both just fell in love with the idea of making nativity blocks that your kids can actually play with. They turned out really cute. Mckenna actually loves playing with them already. I look forward to the day when I can actually teach her about the special meaning behind the blocks. It turned out to be a really great Christmas project!!