Monday, May 10, 2010


Ok, so I guess I'm finally, officially a college graduate! Friday, May 7th, I dressed up in my cap and gown, complete with honors cords and sash (OH YEAH!!! =D) and walked with my friends through Dixie's famous "D." I was so excited and it turned out to be a great night. I guess now I feel a little bit more "done" with college...I mean I already got my bachelor's degree in the mail in like January, but at least I have a picture of me in my official graduation attire now!! ;)

Oh, and this is our very first family picture since Sydney was born too! Pretty good night for all of us! =)

This past week also celebrated Sydney's 1 month old birthday!! I can't believe she is already 4 weeks old. Time goes by so fast once they are here! Why can't it go by that fast when you're pregnant?? She is such a sweetie! We love her so much. Mckenna is becoming more fond of her everyday...except for when I call Sydney princess. She does not like that. She says..."No, mommy, I'm the princess NOT Sydney" pretty much every time. I have to be very careful and try to remember not to call Sydney princess around Mckenna. But nonetheless, Mckenna loves her little sister. We are very blessed to have such cute and wonderful little girls!

Here are some pictures I took of Sydney....she is so cute!!! I know I'm biased, but honestly, how can you disagree??? Look at her big beautiful eyes!! I LOVE HER!! Enjoy the pictures... =)