Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

WOW!!! What a crazy month!! I can't believe October is over this week. I am excited for Halloween. Mckenna is going to be dressing up as a cute, fluffy little duck!! She finally agreed to try back on her costume after not liking it for about a month after buying it. When she did try it on, I was able to capture this cute little picture of her!

What a cute little chicky I have!!! =D

In other news with our family....Chris is busy as ever at work. He is putting in the hours and the hard work it takes to be a good boss. I am so proud of him and his hard work. I am grateful for a hard working husband who cares so much for his family!!!

Mckenna is busy being a 2 year old!! She is talking so much and I mean SOOOOOO much! She says things everyday that amaze me....sentences, requests, and even some orders!! She is getting pretty good at saying demands and things like "mommy, my turn!" or "just a minute, mommy!!" I hate to say it but I'm pretty sure she gets that little attitude from her daddy...just kidding, I mean her mommy! Sometimes it is hard to not laugh when she is ordering us around. A cute, bossy little two year old...that's what I have on my hands!!!

I am busy, busy, busy doing student teaching. First graders really do keep you on your toes, ALL DAY LONG!!! It has been a lot more enjoyable since I have been feeling better. I am pretty much over my morning sickness phase!! YAY!!! =D It has been nice not wanting to throw up on the kids at school. That is always a plus in any teacher's life. It makes my days go by a lot faster too. I still am tired as ever when I get home, but I feel like I'm actually getting into the teaching mode and feel like I can do this! Teaching is very overwhelming at times, especially when you are a wife, mom, and 16 weeks pregnant. I still have those days when I desperately want to just be a stay at home mom and five up this teaching bit, but I'm glad for those days as well. I am glad that I have the option of being a student/teacher now and also being a mom. I only have about 6 more weeks of student teaching and college and I'll finally be able to say I'M DONE!!! That will be a great day!! That is really what keeps me going each day!! The end is near and I AM going to make it!!! =D