Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catching Up...

So I realize that I have become almost too busy to even blog! But I wanted to spend a spare minute and play catch up. We have been busy, very busy! Chris with going to school, myself with teaching school, and the girls with, well...just being very busy little girls....very busy cute girls!!

Mckenna has been going to Sunbeams and LOVES it! She is always singing primary songs and telling us stories. She also is going to "Princess Preschool." Grandma Debbie watches the girls everyday and they started doing preschool lessons part of the week. Mckenna named her preschool. (as if I needed to say that! :) She loves learning and I come home from school each day and ask her what she learned about that day and sure enough, she can tell me tons of things she learned. I am so happy and lucky to have such a great mother-in-law that will help teach my children!! Thanks Debbie!!

Sydney is going to be 1 in two weeks!! I can NOT believe it! So much has happened in the past year. It really did fly by. Sydney is so adorable. She has been walking for over a month now. She started taking steps at 10 months. Mckenna was walking at 9 so we were just waiting for it to happen. Now that she is really mobile, she is all over the place, and I mean ALL over the place. She tries climbing up onto everything. She loves anything that her big sister is doing. If we can't find her, we know that she will be wherever Mckenna is. (or on Mckenna's bed!) She loves climbing up on her bed and playing on it. It's really funny to go in their room and just find her sitting on Mckenna's bed! She is still the happiest baby around and you can always get a big smile out of her. We love her so much!

We had a great spring break last week. Chris and I both had school off together so it was fun to spend the week together. Spring break really made me anxious for summer break though. I really miss being home with my kids and getting to do whatever I projects or just up and go shopping or to the park! I miss that! :( But, I also enjoy teaching and know that I am doing what I need to be doing right now for our family. Chris is busy with school and I know that he needs to be focusing on school and I am happy that I am able to help out financially so he can go to school.

Life is good, just always busy! We are very blessed. Chris and I got to go to the temple last night with Chris' parents and sister. We had such a wonderful time. I sometimes forget how hectic my life really is. It was nice to just sit and not think about my classes or students or whatever else always is occupying my mind and just be with my husband and think about what really matters.

Here are some pictures that I took of my sweet girls for Valentines Day. Enjoy!! :) I love them so much! Chris and I are very blessed to be their parents!