Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Pictures

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On Sunday, Nicole and Toby were down to bless Taylee. It was a special day. We all were there together as a family. We took some family pictures that same day.

Mckenna is going to be 3 next week and Sydney is 5 months. They are growing up so fast! I wish they would slow the growing down, but they are at fun stages and Chris and I are loving being their parents. (Although...Mckenna is at that age where she just makes you want to....well, you know!!) But we love her and her adorable smile makes up for it!! Little Sydney is such a happy baby. She is ALWAYS smiling. She loves tummy time and rolls over all the time! She is such a joyful little baby!

We are doing very well. I have been working for almost a month now at Vista School. I really like it. I am enjoying teaching and I really like the people I get to work with. Chris is busy in school. He studies a lot and does his homework early! I'm so proud of him. =) He is turning into a great student!