Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer is over =(... School is here =)

Wow... I can't believe I have been so bad at blogging this summer. And now summer is officially over for me on Monday. =( We start teacher meetings next week and school officially starts the next Monday, August 15th. I can't believe it!! I am getting really excited though for this next school year. I get to teach 2nd grade homeroom. Which at my school, is pretty much the equivalent of a regular school teacher. I get to teach reading and writing. I think it should be fun. Lately, my nerves have kind of gotten the best of me and I've had a few moments, but overall I am really excited.

This week, I went in and pretty much got my classroom in order. Chris, Chris' mom, and my sister, Geneava all helped me get it ready. (Thanks again for all your help guys!) My classroom theme is "Reach for the Stars!" I think everything turned out really cute and I hope that the students like it when they see it for the first time! :)

(p.s. my classroom is a LOT cuter in person!! but here is a gist of what it looks like! ;)

So other than school starting, things are going really well for us. We had a great summer. We got to spend a lot of time together, which was really nice. Chris took one summer school class~ Calculus, and I'm so proud of him. He got an A- in it!! He did so awesome! He is such a great student. He makes this teacher/wife very proud! Chris starts school again on August 22. He will have his Associates Degree this next semester and has already started classes for his major. He is going into Network Engineering. I'm excited for him and his is really motivated in school right now.

Mckenna is going to be starting preschool this fall. We found a preschool in Chris' parents neighborhood that she is going to go to. It is the perfect location and she only goes twice a week, so not too overwhelming all at first. I am super excited for her. She is so bright and I know that she needs this to push her and also help her with her social skills. Hmmm maybe it will make her go to bed easier too??? That would be nice!! haha

Sydney is just a cute little fireball. We love her to death. She is trying to say lots of words. She is just learning so much each day and turning into such a sweet little girl. Her and Mckenna are such great friends and even greater sisters. It is such a joy to watch them play and laugh together.

Now onto the next chapter in our lives... my 2nd year of teaching, Chris' college continuted, and Mckenna starting preschool! We will be very busy at this little house!! :) Life is good!