Monday, April 20, 2009

What a big girl....

Today, Chris was home watching Mckenna as he usually does Mondays while I am at school. He took Mckenna into give her a bath. As he was getting it ready, he took her clothes off and Mckenna told him that she needed to go poo poo. Not thinking too much of it, he put her down on her little potty chair. (She has yet to ever use it, but we thought buying it was wishful thinking...) Well who would have ever guessed it, but she actually did indeed go poo poo on her potty!

I couldn't believe it when Chris text me at school that she did. If it wouldn't have been for the graphic video of her potty with the poo poo in it =D as well as her hand touching it (gross I know), I don't think I would have believed it.

So is a day to go down in history...Mckenna, only 19 months old, used the potty for the 1st time!! What a big girl!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend! Mckenna is old enough now to enjoy it. She absolutely loved the Easter egg hunt we had at Chris' grandparents house. She was the littlest one there and so she got a lot of attention! She loved finding the eggs and putting them in her basket. It was really cute to watch her.

She would take her time and look for the eggs...under bushes, under rocks... wherever she could stick her little hand, she would reach for them. She was a good hunter!

This is a picture of Mckenna before the egg hunt. She was waiting inside so patiently while the eggs were being hidden. She looked really cute in her new pink blouse and white sandals from her Easter baskets too!!

After we got home from church, we gave Kenna her Easter basket. She loved it. (although she helped me put it together the night before, she still acted surprised to see what was in it! =D) We recycled some of her old toys that she never plays with and gave them to her in her Easter basket. I love this age...she'll never know the difference and it saved us time and money!

Saturday, it was a rainy day. Mckenna and I were bored and so I decided to take her to the temple. I got her rain jacket and her rain boots out. She loved it! It actually stopped raining for most of the time we were there. It wasn't too chilly either. It was fun to see Mckenna there. She learned how to say "temple" and now she says it whenever she sees a picture of it. It's cute. It was a fun morning together.

She loved splashing in the puddles at the temple. She looked so cute all decked out in her rain gear. She is at such a fun age...I love watching her and showing her new things. We had a great time! Next time, we'll have to go back on a sunny day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Flowers...

I love spring--especially when I get to plant my flowers! =D This year I'm so excited because they are actually doing really well in spite of the crazy weather we have been experiencing. I feel like the weather is really teasing us all this spring. Just when we think it's going to start really warming up it will get cold again.

Mckenna and I planted these flowers over my Spring Break in March. I just think they are so beautiful. This is my favorite part about spring. I can hardly wait to own my own house so I can plant a large flower garden!

Here is another view...from the top!

Mckenna absolutely LOVES our flowers too! She always goes up to them and says..."oh... cute! Flowers!" It's really adorable to hear her say that too. She also loves to water them. I'm training her to like gardening, that way when we have our own house and yard someday I'll have some help with the flowers and plants! But until then...our potted flowers are just fine! =D