Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sydney is 2!!!

Sydney turned 2 a couple of weeks ago on April 8! It was so fun. She had a "caterpillar" themed birthday. It turned out really cute. My mom and brother, Jacob, and sisters Geneava, and Sarah were there. It was fun to have them down for her birthday and Easter. Chris's parents are gone on a vacation and sister's both had sick kids, so we didn't have too many family members there, so it was really great to have some of my family here! Happy Birthday Sydney! We sure do love you!!

My mom stayed for Easter too. That was nice to have them hang out for longer than just a day. We actually were able to do some projects and find time to relax. It's always fun to have family come to visit for a few days!

Chris only has about 2 weeks of school left this semester and I have 5 weeks left til summer break! We both couldn't be more ready to have a break. Hopefully this summer we can actually go on a real vacation with the girls. We haven't done anything with them for a long time, so it will be nice. Sydney and Mckenna are both at great ages to go do something fun. Both more independent than before, so before another baby comes along (sometime down the road in the next couple years... ;D) we need to take advantage of our time together.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it really Spring Break?

So I've been so bad about blogging lately.... Like the past 5 or 6 months bad. I am going to try to do better. I got a new app on my phone so maybe it will help me to do better.

This week is Spring Break for Chris and myself. It was a much needed break. Him from classes and me from, well 2nd graders! We have not planned to do anything so it really has been a break so far! Sleeping in. Staying up late. Just doing whatever we want. It's been wonderful so far.

Yesterday I completed my first project of Spring Break. I love having this time to do projects I've been wanting to do for some time but never could find the time. This project was one of those. I made shadow boxes for my girls with their baby stuff in them. I have been saving their little things that I thought would be nice for them to have and putting them in these shadow boxes was just perfect. I love how they turned out. I can't wait to finish my other Spring Break projects!! :)