Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it really Spring Break?

So I've been so bad about blogging lately.... Like the past 5 or 6 months bad. I am going to try to do better. I got a new app on my phone so maybe it will help me to do better.

This week is Spring Break for Chris and myself. It was a much needed break. Him from classes and me from, well 2nd graders! We have not planned to do anything so it really has been a break so far! Sleeping in. Staying up late. Just doing whatever we want. It's been wonderful so far.

Yesterday I completed my first project of Spring Break. I love having this time to do projects I've been wanting to do for some time but never could find the time. This project was one of those. I made shadow boxes for my girls with their baby stuff in them. I have been saving their little things that I thought would be nice for them to have and putting them in these shadow boxes was just perfect. I love how they turned out. I can't wait to finish my other Spring Break projects!! :)

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