Monday, March 15, 2010

Chris vs. The Princess Wand

In Chris' own words this is what happened....

"Around 10:30pm Thursday night Mckenna was still going berserk from having a bowl of pure sugar and a pack of fruit snacks. She was running around with her Princess magic wand casting magical spells while jumping off every piece of furniture she could climb up on. After that got boring she started to jump on the couch I was sitting on swinging her princess wand around my head when she decided to smack me in the face with it. Outraged by her reckless act I snatched the princess magical wand from her hand and dismantled it over my knee thus causing pieces of magical wand to fly every direction. Mire milliseconds after destroying the evil wand I realized my hand had suffered a significant blow located between the pointer finger and thumb. A large piece of meatiest flesh lay folded back and blood began to ooze profusely from the newly discovered wound. I shouted many hard to understand short statements in some gibberish language I’m sure only my daughter understood since she speaks mostly gibberish mixed with good English. I ran to my wife who was prepping for bed and showed her the awesomeness of ripped flesh. She responded quickly with a medical pack and taped the pieces .back together on my hand until 14 hours later I received medical attention from the Coral Desert Surgery Centers Administrator. Ken Summerhays. a.k.a Daddy. In shock he quickly administered what he called "Super Glue for the skin" to my badly severed hand and sent me on my way."

So who won the battle??? Judge for yourself!...the photo says a lot. Chris is still in pain with his hand wound and the princess wand is somewhere in the landfill by now. All I can say is that Mckenna won't be "casting magical spells" anytime soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny Story...

So the other day, Mckenna and I were outside playing in the front yard. It has been really nice weather lately in St. George during the day. I've been excited to get us out of the house and into the nice warm sunshine. I was sitting watching Mckenna play with her scooter and with some of my empty flower pots. She likes to fill them with the rocks and leaves. Well, being very much pregnant, I was getting pretty thirsty. I had the windows to the house open so I figured I'd be ok to run inside and get some water. I could hear if anything happened or whatever.

Well I went inside, for seriously not more than 2 minutes tops. I came back out and as I turned the corner from inside the garage, the first thing I saw was Mckenna's clothes laying on the sidewalk, underwear and all! OH MY GOODNESS!! She had taken her clothes off and was half way to the neighbors house, bare butt and all. I ran (well...I tried to I'm not very good at running these days!) after her. She proceeded to run in the opposite direction naked and hid behind my neighbors shrub. I finally got her and walked her back to the house. (I was just hoping that none of my neighbors were secretly watching from their would have been a pretty funny sight...pregnant women being outran by her naked 2 year old...)

Once we got inside, I asked her what she was doing? Why did she take her clothes off? etc. Well she proceeded to tell me simply..."I wanted to pee on the grass mommy!" Well of course, the only logical answer really when you think about it! =) Well, needless to say I started laughing. I couldn't believe she was able to take her clothes off, pee, and run to the neighbors in the short amount of time I was gone inside getting some water. She is too fast!!! Little stinker!! or should I say Little Streaker!! It was pretty funny.

This week has been the first week really that we've played outside more than just once because of the nice weather. She gets playing and enjoying the weather that she just forgets to tell me that she has to use the potty. Yesterday we had a similar episode at Chris' parents house in their backyard...although this one wasn't #1, if you know what I mean! I'll spare the details. I am hoping this little problem stops and that we can play outside without me worrying that she is going to just stop in her tracks WHEREVER she is and just go... We are going to work on that!! =D