Sunday, November 30, 2008

Putting up the Christmas Tree...

Mckenna loved helping put up out Christmas decorations. She helped put up our tree at our house and then helped out again at her Grandma Debbie's. We would tell her to go get a decoration and hang it on the tree and that exactly what she did. (the first time around anyways!! her next favorite game was taking the decorations off the tree and then put it back on the tree. She does this a lot now! =D)

She loves looking at the Christmas decorations. Any time she sees any Christmas decorations or lights she says "pretty!" It's really cute watching how the simple joys of Christmas really do light up a child's eyes!
We went to the Christmas lighting at the temple Friday night and Mckenna seemed to really be enjoying it! =) She slept the entire time. She was very warm and cozy. I don't blame her. It was chilly.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pine Valley

Today we went up to Pine Valley because there was a storm in the mountains. We wanted to see if there was any snow to play around in. We didn't find too much snow to play in really, but we found the storm! By the time we drove up there we met rain and sleet and then finally it started snowing. =) The snowflakes were really big and beautiful!

It was really pretty too, cold, but pretty! We also saw some deer right off the road. Mckenna loved seeing them out her window. She even tried saying, "deer!" It was cute. She also liked slushing around in the wet snow on the dock of the lake.

All and all, it was a fun afternoon spent together as a family! Hopefully we can go back soon and actually play in the snow!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pigtails and the Backyard!

I decided to try something new with Mckenna's hair today....PIGTAILS!! Her hair is getting pretty long in the back and so I tried it and it turned out really cute! I think she looks more grown up, like a little girl, not so much a baby. =( I guess babies have to grow up sometime...huh?!

After we got ready, I let Mckenna play in the backyard. She LOVES being outside! We were both enjoying the warm sunshine.

She found one of Chris's tools and decided to play with it! She likes playing with things she normally isn't allowed to. She was having fun banging the screwdriver on everything she could. It was cute!

It was fun outside until Mckenna found an earthworm on the ground and tried to eat it! Yuck! That didn't sit to well with me, so we came back inside!! Oh was fun while it lasted!