Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mckenna's New Obsession...

For Christmas my mom gave me a few Disney DVDs to get my childhood collection growing in my own home. One of the dvds she gave me was The Little Mermaid...Oh my goodness....MCKENNA LOVES IT!!! Just recently, all she wants to do, every minute of the day, is watch "mermaid mommy, mermaid!" We seriously watch it at least 2 to 3 times A DAY!

So far, I actually haven't gotten that annoyed with it yet. I like the songs in it and they keep me company while I clean house or do whatever. I just think it is so funny that she is so obsessed with it. She absolutely loves it! She will sit on the couch or her camp chair right in front of the tv and watch the whole movie. She used to have a hard time sitting through a full episode of Dora. I guess the Little Mermaid is just ten times better in her eyes.

But, if anyone has any good suggestions for a new movie she might like, let me know! I don't think I can handle watching it all summer long.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer Update

So far this summer has been really fun. I've only been out of school for about 2 weeks now and I have moved past the bored stage! I have started doing a lot of really cute projects. They are keeping me busy.

So far the projects I have completed are:
1 apron for Mckenna

1 skirt for me (for mother's day =D)

1 purse for me =)

and 2 tiles with vinyl lettering on them

I think so far I have done pretty good. I still have a lot of ideas running through my head of projects to make too. I am happy that I have this time to sew and make craft projects. It is so much fun! So if anyone has any good ideas of cute craft projects, let me know! I'd love to make them.

Besides craft and sewing projects, the beginning of my summer has consisted of swimming with Mckenna. She has actually gotten a lot braver in the couple weeks we have been going. She will jump in to me off of the side of the pool with her arm floaties on. She loves the water. I am so glad because at first she wasn't liking the water too much. Probably because it was colder than she would have liked. It's warming up so much now that she loves it!

This picture was taken at the community center. We went there with Mckenna's cousins. She had a lot of fun.

Although Mckenna loves the water...she LOVES to sunbathe too! It is so cute. She will lay outside on a towel on the lawn chair and just soak up the sun. She is just like her mommy!! Got to love her sunglasses too!!! What a babe! =D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Survived!!

I am happy to report that I survived my almost-last semester at Dixie! I just finished up half of my senior year and it feels great to be done. I am also very thrilled to have passed with straight A's!! It was worth the hard work to see those beautiful capital A's across my transcript!! =D

Now, I just have one more semester of student teaching in the Fall and I'll be DONE!!! Yay! But first I just have to focus on surviving this summer...which will consist of a whole lot of swimming, laying out by the pool, playing with Mckenna, hanging out with family, and just plain having FUN!! My only problem is that I've already started to get bored...I need to start on some major fun craft projects and I think I'll be ok!