Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had such a FUN Halloween this year. My girls were "The Princess and The Frog." They were so cute. Kenna wouldn't be anything other than a princess, so we worked with it and made Sydney a frog! They were adorable. For school, I wanted to dress up in something easy so my mom made me a costume so I could be Little Red Riding Hood. Chris found this great "big bad wolf" costume to go along with me! It was so fun. Mckenna and I put fake Halloween finger nails on too. Mckenna picked out some for her princess costume. :) I was surprised they had some so small for her nails, but they did. I figured since it was for Halloween it would be fun. She loved them!! They were really cute too. (didn't last very long...but they were cute while they lasted!!)

We went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Kenna had a lot of fun. She got LOTS of candy. Chris was pretty thrilled about that. We carved pumpkins Friday night with my sister Sarah. Chris carved a transformers pumpkin, I did a Cinderella one (at Mckenna's request), and Sarah and Mckenna did a "cookie cutter" bat and star one together. I think they turned out really well. We had a lot of fun making them. I love Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our Sydney Grace...

I don't know how Sydney is already 6 months old? Time sure does fly by these days! We took Sydney to the doctor for her 6 month check up last week and these were her stats:
  • Weight: 13.3 lbs (5th percentile)
  • Height: 25.5 in (8th percentile)
I guess she is a little on the petite side, (surprise, surprise) but we aren't complaining. :) She was healthy as can be. She is progressing very fast. She is already crawling and starting to pull herself up on things. She rolls over so fast and has very quick reflexes. She is actually smaller than Mckenna was at this age. Mckenna weighed 15 lbs at 6 months. I would have never guessed we could have a child smaller than Mckenna! =) I love my small girls!! I guess sometimes the best things really do come in small packages!

Some of the things we love about her at this age:
  • Her smile!! She is always smiling and so happy! :)
  • Her big, beautiful, blue eyes!
  • Her hugs! She loves to give hugs...especially to her daddy! :)
  • Her laugh! She loves to giggle! (especially at her sister!)
  • She loves to eat baby food and sit in her high chair!
  • She LOVES her big sister. She is always watching her very closely.
  • She is a daddy's girl! She gets very excited whenever he is in the room and reaches for him!
We are very lucky to have Sydney in our family! She adds so much joy and excitement! I love the age she is at. She is learning so much and is genuinely so happy! We are having so much fun with her. Mckenna is a great big sister and loves to play with Sydney.

Everything else is going well for us. Chris is busy in school. He is half way done with this semester. He made it through midterms and is doing very well in school. I am busy at work. Teaching takes up more time than I really ever expected, but it is worth it. I love my jobs...both teaching and being a mom! Both of them take up all my time and then some!! :) Being a working mom is a full time, and most days an over time job! But, we are enjoying this phase of our lives. At times it is challenging, but together we are making it through it! :)